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There is a point to sports played by our boys and girls and here are the four main objectives

The point of every youth sports is made up of 4 main objectives, each a point of learning:
Development - Teamwork - Competition - Skills Development
The age of the players and the
level of play determines the emphasis that you apply each of the main goals. The percentages below are the range of percentages for each age and level. If you note there is nothing about winning. Winning is an important part of teaching competition. Vince Lombardi first said - "Winning isn't everything, trying to win is the only thing."


50% - 25%

Development is the most important part
of youth sports. It is
why we coach it. Development is part learning to learn and part growing up. Those things are learning the other objectives below, how to have fun, mature to the right level, being part of something else other than family or yourself.


20% - 40%

Learning how to compete is
a life skill - win, lose - trying
to win.


10% - 40%

Every team sport requires working within a team, with a team and with team mates.


40% - 10%

Every sport requires learning skills
to play the sport, play the position, and do the job.

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