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Simple Easy Ideas to save our resources and world

Here are several levels you can practice to "save the world" - too bad people don' like that phrase today - still it applies.
I have grouped the activities into three levels depending on how much effort you want to exert. Everyone can practice and achieve level 1. Level 3 takes a bit more work and may not apply to everyone - but trying to win is the only thing.


Simple Easy Ideas to save our resources and world. This level is really easy. It is the minimum everyone should do. The main point is to use LESS - RE-DUCE. Don't use a plastic bag for ONE thing for pete's sake. It kills me when the cashier puts a stick of gum in a bag and someone accepts it.

Level 1 - these tips dont take much time or effort to do
ReDuce -
Do not accept a bag at a store unless you can't actually carry it yourself. The rule of thumb is at least 4 or more items.
Take the napkins the fast food stores give you and use in the car or take home. Of course don't take more than you need but if you don't use them all use them later!
Read on your windows tablet, iPad, Kindle, instead of paper. There are exceptions - I can't live without a real magazine in my hand. Especially nature or car magazines the images are what it is all about.
Don't drink water out of small water bottles, if your tap water is good use a glass (duh, eh?)
Use filter water - Brita or put something on the end of your faucet.
Recyle all aluminum - there are real savings recycling aluminum - it takes ONLY 5% of the energy to create a new can from recycled aluminum than it does to create one from raw materials. You can recycle not only cans but also aluminum foil, Chipotle burrito bowl tops, yogurt tops, furniture, and lots more. Send me more ideas.
Recycle papers and plastic "at the curb." If you local municipality recycles get it out there. It is easy and feels good not wasting paper. It won't turn to oil in the dump for a few million years plus or minus.


These tips require a MINOR bit more energy to save the world

Take your own bags to the Grocery store
Some may think this extreme but is not that hard. Save and reuse the plastic bags bread and produce come in. Don't use new bags. Cut a hole in the top of a larger bottle of water and stuff them in there. I also but a hole on the side bottom of the plastic bottle to pull them out. Works great, they are out of the way, organized, compact and easy to get to.
Give the bread and vegetables you might throw away to the wildlife in your backyard
Donate usable items to goodwill, purple heart, veterans organizations


These take some work and space at home but have a reward.

Save plastics and recycle at the Grocery store
Save large plastics to use as covers, paint tarps etc.
Sell anything you dont want on ebay - almost everything sells on ebay

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